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Image: The Castle lit up for the Miltary Tattoo as the end of show fireworks go off overhead. @Drrobwilkinson)






Sadly we will have to suspend #Edinhour, we just haven't the time at present to keep prepare each month's hour, it has been a struggle for sometime, but work commitments have now pushed it over the limit. We will review it for the near future, but of course if someelse would like to take over the reigns or if there is a sponsor out there then we would be delighted to discuss it.

9pm: It would be good if you could introduce yourself (eg name/org, what you do, area and 1st half of your postcode, remember to add '#EdinHour') or just let us know you're there!

9.05: D1. The first stage of this month's Edinburgh picture- solution at 9.55 after less obscured views #Edinhour

9.10: Q1. TBC #Edinhour

9.15: S1. The first clue to this months mystery Edinburgh building/location- solution after more clues #Edinhour

9.20: D2. The second stage of this month's Edinburgh picture, a little less obscured #Edinhour

9.25: S2. The 2nd clue to this months Edinburgh building or location #Edinhour

9.30 Q2. TBC #Edinhour

9.35 P1. Solve these Edinburgh Anagrams and identify the connection! #Edinhour

9.40 D3.The third stage of this month's Edinburgh picture, see it yet? #Edinhour

9.45 S3. The 3rd clue to this months Edinburgh building or location #Edinhour

9.50 Q3. TBC #Edinhour

9.55 Solutions to this months distorted picture (D), mystery clues (S) and anagrams (P) #Edinhour

9.00 - 10.00 Share pictures of Edinburgh, this month how about some 'on-location' food & drink! #Edinhour





Calendar of Future #EdinHour themes

#Edinhour takes place on the second Thursday of each month - from 21.00 - 22.00

June 8th #Edinhour is taking a break for June
July 14th "Edinburgh Through the Lens"
August 10th "Edinburgh- The Festival City"
September 14th "Edinburgh's transport past & present"
October, November, December...# Got an idea for a future theme? - let us know!